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fredag 6 januari 2012

OMFG, MEMORIES!! | Xin Zhao | Videoblog, coming up | Tattoostuff

OMFG GUYS, OMGOGMGOMGOMG, I revived my old iPod!!! Do you have any idea how daarn nice memories that brings!?!?!?
So many old songs I even forgot exists! Omg, geezaaz!! The memories!!

- Have you ever had one of those moments? Omg, I'm dying a little bit on the inside.<333

Warning for geekname, but - MEET XIN ZHAO!!
- Isn't he like, the cutest thing you've seen in like, forever!?!?!? C:

OASGHSKLFHAOFH <3<3<3<33<3<3<3 Even though he's not mine.. < _ < Bumbis.. BUT STILL! C:

Gonna try to lift my little butt from the couch and then do some kind of video to post here with in the near future. Ofc with my dear Simba. c: <3 's gonna be interesting! XD <3 

THEN SPEAKING ABOUT NOTHING - HAHAHA LOOK HOW SWEET! What I got from the place I order tattoostuff from! x3

- and how nice it can be to take the bus in the evening, even if my phone didn't really wanted to capture how pretty it really was... :

- and how cute Simba was. He put this on my computer haha! c: <3



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